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Accounting- Audit/Quick Book/Cash Flow Statement

Why do I use Accelero’s services?

Accelero provides a full suite of finance and accounting services for all levels of companies. Managing efficient accounting processes is one of our core competencies. At Accelero, our accounting experts provide our clients with the timely and accurate financial information and analyses which are critical to strategic decision-making. Whatever your back office needs, Accelero delivers the right information at the right time. Accelero is able to perform most accounting functions.

Some of our services are:

  • General Accounting (Data Entry, Book Keeping, Financial Reports, etc.)
  • Accounts Payable Processing
  • Vendor Management
  • Billing & Collections
  • Cash Application
  • Fixed Asset Accounting
  • Financial & Operational Reporting
  • Account Reconciliation & Analysis

My Company is in very early stages. Do I still need you?

Setting up your accounting and administrative functions correctly at the beginning will save huge costs later. Visit our “Early Stage” Services section for details. We want you to become a successful entrepreneur, and not an accountant. Leave the paperwork and the hassles to us.

How will outsourcing of Accounting and Finance benefit the business?

There are many strategic benefits a client can enjoy from outsourcing their accounting and finance functions, including improved performance, profitability, and shareholder value. More specifically, these benefits include:

  • Reduction of employment related expenses and issues
  • Freeing-up internal resources
  • Receiving accurate and timely information
  • Achieving cost efficiencies
  • Greater internal flexibility
  • Gaining access to advanced technology, without the upfront costs
  • More time and more energy to focus on your core business and competencies
  • Isolation from losses or interruptions resulting from staff resignations or absences
  • Turning fixed costs into variable costs

Should I also outsource accounting software?

It is not necessary for our clients to outsource their accounting software. We can provide our system to do your accounting. If the client wants to continue with their old system, we can use that instead. We have invested heavily in our technology and that benefit gets passed on to our clients, making costly software acquisitions unnecessary.

What will it cost? How much money will I save?

Finance and Accounting remains an expensive function, costing the average company 1.5% of revenue. (The low is 0.33% and the high is around 9%.) Our clients can reduce these costs by 40%-50%, beginning in the first month. We encourage an open dialogue to review your existing systems and procedures, to enable us to develop a proposal which will help you to reduce your Accounting and Finance costs.

Other than saving money, what other expectations should I have?

Besides regular accounting functions, we also prepare our clients for:

  • Mock term sheet negotiations between an entrepreneur and a VC representative
  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Assistance with Audits
  • Creating accounting policies & procedures for the various departments
  • Maintaining a clean method for your purchasing systems
  • Reviewing contracts and guidance on Revenue recognition
  • Capital and Equity management
  • and more……

What is the process of getting started with Accelero?

Our process is very simple. Our accounting experts visit the prospective client and assess their needs. We take ownership of all Accounting and Finance functions. We lay down our checklists, work flows, assign teams, and make sure all requirements are efficiently and effectively addressed. We provide seamless integration with your existing people and functions, which results in healthy teamwork and superior results.

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