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Accounting Services- Reivable & Payable, Taxation, Auditing, Finanacial Consulting

(Not Just Black & White)

Accelero provides specific process outsourcing –

Receivable & payable Management Financial Analysis Consulting Services - Special Projects Financial Planning Assistance Annual Auditing Assistance Stock Options Management HR Services Tax Advisory and Preparation Services Management Advisory Services

Receivable and Payable Management

Our accounts receivables professionals can help reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) from customers and increase your overall cash flow. Our A/R best practices solutions and workflow techniques streamline processes and improve business efficiency. Our existing customers are amazed by our faster professional collections practices.
We also provide web-based billing and A/R management solutions. All the related documents and paperwork are available at the click of the mouse and this results into highly efficient document retrieval.
We also work on the per-transaction pricing methodology, and this helps reduce the cost when the number transactions is lower.
Similarly, we can efficiently manage your entire payment activities by eliminating duplication and improving transactional efficiency of the invoices payment process.

Financial Analysis

Our financial analysis professionals can slice and dice your financial data to generate various financial reports and graphs based on your requirements. These reports include various data ratios, trends, areas of opportunity, etc., from which you can get a complete picture of your business.

Consulting Services- Special Projects

We have helped our customers with cross country M&As, buy outs, financial due diligence, alternative financing, strategic investing and other relevant matters.

Assistance with Financing- Angel funding/ Private Equity/ Venture capital/ Bank LOC

We work closely with management in addressing all the due diligence, preparing fact sheets, VC presentations, projections, forecasting, cash flow and ratio analysis and other requests as made by potential investors.

Assistance with Annual audits

We help you getting ready for the audit in the most professional and efficient manner. We also work closely with the external auditors on various complex accounting treatments and disclosures, on areas such as SOP97-2, SFAS 86, SFAS 123R and more.

Stock Options Management

Assistance in setting up the Option Plan, managing cap table and complete record keeping using our art of technology equity software which helps in compliances and smooth audits. We have also partnered with companies providing equity/stocks management solutions and thus provide the best solutions to our clients.

HR Services

Employee policies, offer letters, stock compensation agreements, Non Disclosure agreements, introductions to our network of corporate law firms and recruiting firms, which offer you significant discounts.
We also assist with setting up and compliance of health benefit plans, 401K plans, professional insurances, commercial insurances, workers compensation plans, Directors and Officers Liability insurances and Key Man insurance policies.

Tax Advisory and Preparation Services

Our certified tax preparers file your tax returns as per Federal and State requirements and also represent the Company before IRS and other taxing authorities. We also command expertise in Indian taxation laws, tax implications on companies within the same group, transfer pricing and other regulatory requirements.

Management Advisory Services- India

We are partners with leading management consulting and law firms in India and provide the following business set up and ongoing services:

  • Picking the right structure and entity type based on business requirements, taxation benefits, Foreign Exchange Act and more
  • Market Research and Business Plan
  • Company incorporation
  • Registration with various authorities at Central, State and Local levels
  • Regulatory Compliance with tax authorities to claim the best tax benefits available, Foreign Direct Investment, Labor laws and other Corporate Governance laws.
  • Cross border taxation advisory services
  • Setting up Bank accounts
  • Real Estate Management
  • Recruitment Services- Getting the right people with right skill sets.
  • Support services such as accounting, HR, Office Manager and other Administration functions.
  • Project Management Support
  • Special services such as evaluating PE and VC opportunities in upcoming areas, market analysis and
  • Research and complete guidance on legal compliances and FEMA regulations

We work closely with various well-reputed Indian law firms and accounting firms in India.

By taking advantage of our professional partners in India, foreign companies can avoid costly mistakes and save valuable time in dealing with regulations, support functions and other operational issues.

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