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Understanding Our Client Needs...

Why do I need Accelero when I have an in house accounting staff?

Accelero helps you leverage on:
  • Compliance and Controls – Accounting needs tight controls, and in most small companies this factor is compromised because they are financially unable to hire enough people to separate task assignments. We provide the needed segregation of duties, even if it means providing part-time personnel to you.
  • Best Accounting Practices - Hire the pros! We offer accountants with the highest professional qualifications and experience, who become part of your accounting team. We work with numbers of companies like yours, and thus are in a good position to understand your specific concerns and priorities.
  • Complex Accounting - We do all Revenue-recognition; Equity-related accounting, such as options, warrants, product capitalization, and intangibles; and more!
  • Timely Closing & Reporting - Periodic books closing, accurate management, board and investor reporting.
  • Technical Issues – Transfer pricing, international tax issues, setting up offshore offices, M&As
  • Streamlined, Proven Processes – We provide a highly-organized and systematic process flow. We encourage you to take advantage of our proven web-based document management solutions, to move from manual, labor-intensive operations to cleaner, greener, streamlined electronic billing and payment solutions. This move also helps improve customer and vendor relationships, and results in a “Paperless, Real-Time” accounting office.
  • More Management Time – Our services will free-up your high-end time, allowing you to focus on strategic and management issues, thus yielding better financial results.
  • Impressing Potential Investors – Third-party control is highly encouraged by VC firms and angel investors- A third-party control is always more professional and reliable, and hence investors will value your decision to employ our services.

The Bottom Line
The Board, Investors, Banks, Management and even employees of the company, all have greater peace of mind when the books are in the hands of financial professionals!

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